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Recent news

Wednesday, Aug 10th, 2016
Moving the blog to MathCancer.org: Hi, everyone! Blogspot has been a great platform for me, but in the end, editing posts with source code and mathematics has been too much of ... [read more]

Wednesday, Feb 24th, 2016
Saving MultiCellDS data from BioFVM: Note: This is the fifth in a series of "how-to" blog posts to help new users and developers of BioFVM.  Introduction A major initiative for my lab ... [read more]

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Web Portals to MultiCellDB

MultiCellDB is currently housed at gitlab, at: https://gitlab.com/MultiCellDS/.

By design, MultiCellDB is open to outside developers, who are welcome (and encouraged!) to create their own portals with unique functionalities. Our only request is that the coordinate with us to create unique identifiers (MultiCellDB_ID) and mirror the main copy of the data on MultiCellDB.

Current Portals

Basic Portal (static):
As a lightweight portal, we created a static list of all digital cell lines and snapshots in early December, 2016. This list will be updated as MultiCellDB grows.
URL: http://MultiCellDS.org/MultiCellDB/
Raw Data on Gitlab:
Gitlab has basic search functionalities, and can serve as a basic portal. As it is the reference repository, it is always up-to-date.
URL: https://gitlab.com/MultiCellDS/
Advanced portal: (not yet released)
Carl Kesselman at the USC Information Sciences Institute is creating an advanced portal based upon their technologies. Once complete, this portal should add curation and improved search functions.